Vision 2026

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In 2006, members of the Board, department heads, and other leaders in Alameda County came together to assess the challenges our residents would face for the next ten years. On March 21st, 2016, we came together to discuss the trends shaping the next ten years. In crafting our Vision 2026, we will be collaborating with city officials and community leaders. Keep an eye out for updates in the coming months.

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Strategic Vision

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To the Citizens of Alameda County and County Employees:

On behalf of the Board of Supervisors I am very proud and excited to share with you the Alameda County Strategic Vision. On November 18, 2008 the Board of Supervisors adopted our Strategic Vision after two years of collaborative work to develop a multi-year, comprehensive and far-reaching roadmap for our County. We have five strategic priorities identified in the document (1) Environment / Sustainability, (2) Safe and Livable Communities, (3) Healthy and Thriving Populations, (4) Housing, and (5) Transportation. Together we achieved consensus on the direction and have already made progress in some key areas. The framework is now in place for county agencies to integrate the vision into the County's daily operations.

In 2006 the Board convened a strategic visioning session including all members of the Board of Supervisors, elected and appointed department heads resulting in a universal environmental scan that identified critical trends and needs in the County over the next several years. In March 2007 the Board formally adopted a vision, mission and values statement; next steps included identifying priority strategic issues and developing work plans. A draft vision document was developed, Board members and County officials incorporated feedback from County employees. The journey was long but time well-invested.

I am confident that because of today's environment, we are on the right track and have established a course for the County that will assure a positive outlook for our future and the future of our children -- a direction which is comprehensive, dynamic and hopeful. Please read the document and join us as we move forward to make Alameda County one of the best counties in which to live, work and do business.

Sincerely yours,

Keith Carson
Supervisor, District 5

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