COVID-19 Update 4

county seal

A message from:
Board of Supervisors
Susan S. Muranishi, County Administrator

March 18, 2020

We call on our dedicated County employees to respond to this public health emergency at a time when our community needs us the most. And, as disaster service workers we are entrusted with the duty to protect our community. Our highest duty is to ensure the public continues to receive essential services - especially in our most vulnerable communities - while keeping our employees safe.

We also recognize that this is a time of stress and uncertainty for our employees as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19. Fundamentally, the health and safety of our County employees and their families is of paramount importance.

Therefore, yesterday morning, the Board of Supervisors authorized measures to enable County employees to balance their personal needs with their public service obligations. First, employees who can work should do so, because we need their help to maintain essential public services and minimum, basic business operations. Those who cannot work due to health, school closures, or other severe family concerns, will not be required to exhaust their leave balances to remain in paid status beginning March 17, 2020 through April 7, 2020.

Each County department is finalizing its plan to ensure essential services remain staffed. You will receive information directly from your departmental leadership regarding the impact for you.

The County workforce is our most valuable resource. The Board of Supervisors and the County executive leadership team respect the strength and resolve you have shown to date. May we continue to support each other in the challenging days ahead.