COVID-19 Update

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An important message from the County Administrator
Health Care Services Agency Director
and Interim County Health Officer

March 8, 2020

As you may know, the Grand Princess cruise ship, which is carrying some passengers who have tested positive for COVID-19, has been holding off the coast of California. As soon as tomorrow, March 9, 2020, the ship will begin disembarking passengers at the Port of Oakland.

We want to share with all County staff the attached message from the Governor's Office of Emergency Services and a few key points:

  • This effort is being led by the state and federal governments, with Alameda County and the City of Oakland providing support as needed.
  • The passengers will not be released into the general public. California residents aboard the ship will be taken to federal facilities for isolation and quarantine, while non-California residents will be transported to federal facilities in other states.
  • The crew will be quarantined aboard the ship, which will leave the Port of Oakland as soon as passengers have disembarked.
  • Anyone with immediate health care needs upon disembarkation may be transported to local and regional health facilities to receive care.

California Department of Health and Human Services, as well as local and regional partners. We want to assure you that all involved entities are working to minimize the impact of the cruise ship's docking in Oakland and our highest priority is to safeguard the health of people living and working in Alameda County.

As a reminder, good hygiene and staying home when sick can help protect you and our community from COVID-19 and other germs. For updated information and resources, please visit the County's public health website.