Adopted COVID-19 Workforce Vaccination Policy

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A message from:
Board of Supervisors
Susan S. Muranishi, County Administrator

December 22, 2021

On November 24, 2021, we notified all employees that the County was continuing to negotiate with our labor partners regarding a draft COVID-19 Workforce Vaccination Policy ("Policy"). First and foremost, THANK YOU to our labor partners for supporting the County's development of a policy and to all employees who have been vaccinated. Our vaccinated employees have taken the single most important step necessary to keep themselves, their families, their colleagues, and the diverse communities we serve healthy and safe from COVID-19.

During discussions with our labor partners, a key issue emerged that centered on providing an alternative to a mandatory workplace vaccination requirement. While we continue to strongly encourage all employees to get fully vaccinated for their own safety, and the safety of their colleagues and the communities we serve, in the spirit of cooperation, the County has agreed to add a testing option for unvaccinated employees. On December 21, 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted the attached Policy that is now final and binding.

The adopted Policy requires all current County workforce members, as a condition of continued employment/service with the County, to disclose their vaccination status and, if vaccinated, provide proof of such vaccination to the County no later than December 30, 2021. All new County workforce members commencing employment/service after December 30, 2021, must disclose their vaccination status and, if vaccinated, provide proof of their vaccination prior to commencing County employment/service. If you have already disclosed your vaccination status and you are fully vaccinated, thank you!

County workforce members who disclose that they are unvaccinated are required to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing, comply with current and future additional requirements (e.g., face covering, quarantining, etc.), and will receive further communication from their Agency/Department Human Resources Officer on these requirements. County workforce members who are subject to California Department of Public Health State Public Health Officer Order(s) or other federal, state, or regulatory vaccine mandates, are required to report their vaccination status or be fully vaccinated in accordance with those Orders.

As the County continues to work collaboratively with our labor partners to address the impacts of this Policy, we are encouraged that over 78% of the County of Alameda workforce have already submitted their COVID-19 vaccination documentation with most County departments/agencies reporting well over 90% vaccination levels!

While this has been a long and challenging journey, with your support, we have continued to focus on promoting a safe workplace for all employees. As we look forward to the holiday season, we are grateful that the policy adopted by the Board provides additional tools to further workplace safety. As more employees return to the workplace, the County remains committed to fostering a safe work environment for all.

During this season of sharing and gratitude, we thank you for your dedicated service and wish you and your families safe and healthy holidays and a bright new year!